Why Use Gym Chiang Mai?

O2 Gym Chiang Mai, known affectionately as the ‘Chi Gong’, is a great new budget gym. It’s the cheapest in Chiang Mai and the second cheapest, have yet to be found in Chiang Mai. It’s also the only fully air-conditioned gym I’ve found, which also accounts for the large price difference. If you need to use it mostly for cardio, then you’re on a winner. If your training is mainly for improving power and speed, you should spend your money elsewhere.

The Gym is located inside an office building and the membership costs only $30 per month. That’s less than half of what you pay for a month of class at the local YMCA. That’s less than half the cost of running a class at your local YMCA! Gym membership also entitles you to use the steam rooms, saunas, pools and exercise bikes. There are also a couple of workout cottages available to rent. For an extra two,500 baht, or about half the price of a month’s membership, you can also purchase a couple of months membership which comes with two months use at the beach.

The reason I haven’t mentioned it before is that the prices are very competitive and most people would go for the cardio room instead of a weights room. But the weights room has it’s benefits too. They give a full body workout. You’ll find a bit of everything in the weights room, from free weights, weight machines, dumbbells, barbells, cable machines, stability equipment, rowing machines and treadmills. The prices for equipment are cheaper, but don’t overlook the cardio room for a second.

Gym Chiang Mai offers a much larger selection of free weights than most other gyms. You have free weights like dumbbells, barbells, steel bars, bumper plates, squat racks and more. You also have free weights like elastic-bands, vibration plates, speed bags, and more. If your interested in all of that and a full body workout, you need to check out the free weights section.

When you first start going to the Gym, you might want to get all of the equipment and join in for a little while. That way you can work out on the machines and get the feel for it. After a few weeks, you can buy your own equipment and use it at the Gym. That way you won’t be tempted to buy everything you see when you first go there. It will be easier to stick with your new membership if you buy your own equipment like the crossfit chiang Mai. It is cheaper than renting the equipment for a month or two, so if you haven’t bought anything yet, that is the best time to do it.

Crossfit Chiang Mai’s offer you a great cardio room and they are much cheaper than most gyms. There are other sports equipment that you might be interested in, so talk to a member at the gym if you haven’t already. You can also join a weight training club in the area and get an even bigger membership.