Paul Leongas What You Should Know About the Curragh

The Paul Leongas Curragh Irish Pub is located in the Northside of Galway City. It is one of the original pubs on the Crough Street which was built in the late 1890s and has been a popular location for locals and tourists ever since. Traditional old place with great imported bar furniture, authentic Irish-American bar fare, pint of Guinness & big soccer games on TV. The Curragh is a staple for Galway night life and an established mainstay in the city’s cultural life.

the Curragh Irish Pub

When visiting the Curragh, you need to make sure you try the authentic Irish food. I think the Curragh is a class above most of the pubs in terms of its traditional food. The pub has an extensive list of ‘fine’ wines, from which you can choose. The pub offers four different kinds of ‘pint’ to boast of: Pear, Smoked Salmon, Shiraz and Champagne. You can choose your favourite from the wide variety on offer.

For those who enjoy a bit of culture and history, the Curragh is the ideal place to visit. There are numerous walking tours you can choose to accompany you, and the local knowledge you’ll pick up on will leave you craving that cup of whiskey again! The traditional Irish music that plays on the open floor (and is very easy to sing along to) can be a real treat: the first few bars are the quieter places, but as the evening goes on, the music picks up. And if you’re a real sports fan, you can make your way out to the pitch and have a game or two; there are plenty of stalls available, where you can watch the sport, or just have a drink while you wait for the match to begin. The traditional Irish cuisine is a real treat, with dishes such as salmon and trout, and the traditional Irish coffee.

Of course, you can’t talk about the Curragh without mentioning its other great attractions. The Curragh is the best beach in Ireland, and if you head down to this popular tourist attraction, you’ll be amazed by the sheer scale of the sand dunes. For a more rugged time, there are three rock pools (including one particularly breathtaking one) that you can visit, and if you get bored, it’s always possible to spend the afternoon relaxing at the beachside bars.

While in town, you might also want to stop by the Curragh Museum & Gallery, which has an archive of some of the island’s most important art works. For fans of the arts, the galleries offer works from some of the greatest artists, including Patrick Doyle, John Keats, Enid Blyton and many others. For those who want to experience the traditional style of architecture, there’s always the Castle Church. If you’re lucky enough to come during one of the low summer months, you should also be able to visit the Botanical Gardens. These gardens have a huge amount of nature around them, and visitors are encouraged to walk through the gardens at their own leisure, taking in the scenery and the flowers.

You’ll find plenty of restaurants and hotels to stay in the town, but you should plan to spend a bit of time wandering around, as the area is packed with great places to go out. A trip to the local market is highly recommended, as you will be able to pick up some real bargains. Try to book in advance, as the market is extremely popular at this time of year. For even greater shopping experience, visit the Curragh Village, which is set against the backdrop of the iconic Torc Waterfall. There’s also the Curragh Marina, which offers a great location for a family boat cruise.