Choosing Between A Tote Or Satchel

A satchel purse is a bag usually with a long strap, designed for carrying numerous books. The strap is usually worn diagonally across the upper body, leaving the upper bag hanging on the left hip, and not hanging directly from the lower back. It is the largest type of handbag, generally measuring at least 20 inches high and ten inches wide and often much larger.

Satchels come in a variety of styles, but they are primarily made out of fabric or other lightweight but strong material. Satchels can be carried either crossways or diagonally. Crossways are often used when the purse is to be carried on a short leash or when the straps are going to be getting a lot of wear. Diagonally, satchels can be used to carry more materials and a larger volume of items. Many a satchel has been known to be taken to the beach for a quick vacation!

A hobo purse is also a type of satchel, but instead of carrying books it is equipped with a very strong strap that will hold the whole weight of the contents of the bag. The tote is quite large, roughly measuring about twenty inches high and thirty inches wide, and the strap is made so that the entire tote will hang over the shoulders rather than across them. The hobo also comes with multiple handles so it can be carried without needing to lift or turn over the entire bag. The tote is great for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Another type of satchel is called a sachets bag. Sachets are simply bags which feature a small assortment of small items such as a change of clothing, first aid kit, cell phone, pens, writing paper and more. A variety of different shapes and colors of sachets are available. Some have very simple designs, while others are a bit more complex. Usually the design of a satchel is chosen based upon the activities that the owner typically engaged in. For instance, if the owner often participates in sports, he will most likely want sports sachet bag since it will allow him to easily carry his necessities.

Satchels can also be called purses or duffels. Although they were primarily made to carry books, today they can be used to carry pretty much anything you can think of. If you often travel, you can use the duffel shape of the satchel to pack all your travel essentials. If you prefer a bag that has a very simple design and no other accessories, a hobo or sachet bag might be the way to go.

Some of these bags also come with a shoulder bag. This will enable you to keep all of your books, purses, and other items securely close at your side. Some people even choose to use their satchel as an overnight bag. They simply roll it up and tuck it under their arms before sleeping. Whatever you use your bag for, there is sure to be a bag out there to fit your needs.